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New Years Revolutions

not since the time right before world war 1 has the world been in such crisis and world revolution seemed so possible.

things are chilled out for the winter now, but as soon as the ice melts I expect an exciting spring 2009. riots will be so “in”. and not just with the cool and fashionable greek anarchists (nice pics here).

riots for everyone! everywhere!

gas riots. food riots. housing riots. water riots.

big box sale riots. bank run riots. stock market riots. even second life riots

the riot police were already deployed in 2008 to defend chirstmas.


maybe you need another manifesto to riot to? 

the greeks have been posting a World Revolution Manifesto.


christmas on mars

From the crazed band the Flaming Lips finally comes the release of Chistmas on Mars, a movie eight years in the making.  Christmas On Mars arrives complete with a lot of imagery and themes that long-term fans of the Oklahoma psychedelicists will recognise from their albums: foetuses, outer space, the march of science, death, and the way, as a track from 2006’s At War With the Mystics put it, “the will always negates defeat”. 

It was a saga for the band to make the low-budget even while band member Steven Drozd was the lead and addicted to herion. At times they were suggestive of a project that was never going to get finished, an idea too far even for a band who have based their career on making the improbable happen. Here was frontman Wayne Coyne gamely building sets from junk in the driveway of his home in a “ghetto-esque” district of Oklahoma City, while his terrifying neighbours looked menacingly on. A film with a look similar to American Astronaut it shows a future that feels like a working class diner with a bunch of bitter drunks. (American Astronaut makers also have a new film coming out Stingray Sam.)

It would be a shame to think that all that exertion just went into making a shonky film that no one but Flaming Lips diehards would be interested in seeing. As it turns out, their efforts weren’t entirely in vain. If they hadn’t made Christmas On Mars, they wouldn’t have recorded the soundtrack, and the soundtrack is fantastic.

Although not a film with a strong narrative to follow it has some tripped out shots and interesting music that create a strange world. 

watch the whole movie at

You can feel the spirit move you and watch it in a double header with a Junkie’s Christmas with William S. Burroughs.



Big 3 Bailout


I don’t have a failing company so I guess I’ll make this bullshit go over easier with some Bailout Bitter. 

(good thing it comes in 1L bottles)

Need a new job? Now excepting franchising options for “Credit Crunch Corners”. (thanks kbr!)


Filastine to drop Dirty Bomb early 2009


Grey Filastine is a nomandic revolutionary hailing from Seattle and now based in Barcelona, but rarely found there. Infamous for his ongoing assault in the war for the hearts and minds of people everywhere, including his past projects Tchkung! and Infernal Noise Brigade. A true inspiration he travels the world collecting sound and recording deeply touching music and then remixing into one subversive siren. He takes his sound  everywhere, playing over 60+ gigs last year you might have caught him at a dubstep party in Vancouver, or a junk raft floating down the Mississippi , at anti G-8 demonstrations in Tokyo, or in front of forty thousand at the Boulevards festival in Casablanca. In any context it gets riotous- Filastine bangs out his music, jumping between a tangle of electronics, acoustic percussion, and an amplified shopping cart, firing off riddims and synchronized live video.


In 2006 Filastine dropped his debut release, Burn It, to much critical acclaim. Vibrant and original, Burn It made inroads among music fans from the hiphop, world, electronic, and experimental scenes; it was snatched up and re-released by French label Jarring Effects, Japanese label Romz, and US anarcho-collective Crimethinc. Tracks from the album received airplay on the radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbes & John Peel, and in France peaked at #15 in national independent radio charts. Less visible are the spins on pirate stations across Latin America, or the more than fifty thousand downloads of his dj mix commissioned by

With his sophmore album, Dirty Bomb, Filastine returns with a gritty transnational soundclash of urban rhythm. Freely splicing dubstep with balkan brass or hiphop with bollywood, Dirty Bomb parties in the mud puddle of our increasingly polluted world. Kick drums beat out rapid patterns for dances yet to be invented. Rich acoustic strings merge with programmed synths. Bits of field recordings and radio static degrade the signal. Each featured voice is sourced from an on-site collaboration. Over the contorted crunk of “Hungry Ghosts” rap aboriginal Australian Wire mc and Japan’s ECD, underground rap icons of their respective countries. Closing the albums is teen gypsy La Perla, recorded in a squatted cave in Andalusia.

Listen to the unreleased Dirty Bomb megamix on his murdochspace.

Hungry Ghosts can be heard on the new DJ / Rupture mix Uproot.

Pitchfork has the track Fitnah online.

He starts off his CD release in Australia, January 2009 with UberLingua and there you can find the tracks B’talla featuring Rabah and Dialectic Episode # 69 .

Here is clip from a live show in the summer of 2008. Opens with footage from ‘Lessons from Darkness’.



Now is our time!

Time article

“Karamanlis or tanks.” That was the choice that Konstantinos Karamanlis posed to Greeks in 1974 upon his return from self-imposed exile in Paris after the overthrow of the country’s military Junta. The popular former Prime Minister’s triumphant return to Athens to lead the country’s transition back to democracy was followed by his sweeping election victory, and a place in history as one of modern Greece’s great statesmen.

Now, 34 years later, Karamanlis’ nephew, Costas Karamanlis is Prime Minister as Greece faces its worst riots in a generation. Radical youths and riot police clashed Tuesday for a fourth straight day following the Nov. 6 fatal shooting of Andreas-Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15-year-old boy by Athens police. During Monday night’s cabinet meeting, Karamanlis considered a proposal to declare a state of emergency, and the possibility that troops could return to the streets of Athens for the first time since the military dictatorship of 1967-1974.


The Prime Minister has said that full justice will be pursued in the death of the teenager, but also emphasized that there will be no leniency for the rioters. Still, the 45,000 strong police seem unable to find a way to quell the unrest. Dokos says the situation has spiraled out of control because “the government made the assumption that police intervention would have inflamed the crisis even further”. In a prime time televised address to the nation, Costas Karamanlis called those who engage in acts of violence and vandalism “enemies of Democracy” and asked for unity in order to isolate the radical elements.

For now at least, the 52-year-old Prime Minister has ruled out military intervention, hoping the police can restore order without having to resort to martial law.

lots of pictures here


#10, 14:18: 25 police stations besieged by students. The murderer cop was member of a nazi group (?)

Thursday , December 11, 2008

Mainstream media report that 25 police stations are besieged across Athens, with heavy clashes at some. They also report that more than 4500 tear gas cannisters have been thrown by the police these days; their supplies are running out (!) and more are being ordered from abroad.

Fresh demonstrations have been called for Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras and many more cities this evening. Reports on indymedia this morning claim that Alexandros’ murderer was a member of the nazi group “Golden Dawn” in the late eighties/ early nineties (without cutting his ties since) and that his family was active in the nazi collaborationist forces.

This is the global civil war: IT IS THEIR WORLD…


10,000 hand dance

while at home I like to practice my 10,000 hand dance to keep fit. of course the hard part was mastering The Shadow Clone Technique (影分身の術 Kage Bunshin no Jutsu_“Art of the Shadow Doppelganger” from the Naruto videos.


giving to the poor



nice work by above with this street art. watch the video for people’s reaction, plus it comes with nice beats.

he is also selling the print above and 100% goes to homeless shelters 

PRINT INFO: In a concept similar to “Robin Hood” I am taking an active role in helping those less fortunate. I am selling the “GIVING TO THE POOR” print at an affordable cost hoping to get as many people involved in this benevolent project as possible. 100% of ALL PROFITS will be donated to both these Homeless shelters. I have carefully selected these Homeless shelters because of each of their long-standing active role in the Homeless community. Each respective Homeless shelter stands out because they accept and strive to help those without a home get assistance regardless of RELIGION, RACE, POLITICS or SEXUAL PREFERENCE. Learn more about each of their specific Missions and Values here. E.C.S. SHELTER ( and C.H.-CENTER (

December 2008

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