canada got prorogued

Definition of the prefix “Pro-” 

  1. [adverb] on the affirmative side
  2. [noun] an athlete (politician?-mm) who plays for pay
  3. [noun] an argument in favor of a proposal
  4. [adjective] in favor of (an action or proposal etc.); “a pro vote”

Definition of “rogue”

A French word, which in that language signifies proud, arrogant. In
  some of the ancient English statutes it means an idle, sturdy beggar, which
  is its meaning in law. Rogues are usually punished as vagrants. Although the
  word rogue is a word of reproach, yet to charge one as a rogue is not
A deliberately dishonest person; a knave; a cheat.
        [1913 Webster]

So a pro-rogue is ? an arrogant person who is deliberately dishonest and argues in favor of handouts for the idle?

because it certainly doesn’t hold its Latin meaning:

Latin prorogare, literally: to ask publicly

 Canada is not a Republic. It is a monarchy. Our head of state is Queen Elizabeth.

What you thought we have her on the money because she looks good???

 Apparently, no constitutional monarchy in the entire world has ever allowed a prorogue to fend off a vote of non-confidence or to discourage the formation of a coalition government. 

So who in history has used the power of prorogue to retain power?

1629     King Charles I          England

1799     Napoleon                   France

1913     Victoriano Huerta   Mexico

1933    Adolf Hitler                Germany

1936    Francisco Franco     Spain

1939    Benito Mussolini      Itlay

1973    Augusto Pinochet     Chile

2008   Stephan Harper        Canada

Still think Canada is a great liberal democracy? just wait…


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