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R.I.P. Analog TV

On February 17, 2009 all full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin broadcasting only in digital. So you have less than 2 weeks to watch TV using ‘rabbit ears’, and you could record it on Beta. Analog Tv will be so Video Vinyl.

I can laugh now at struggling with old tech, but might need my kids help to set up my ‘holoviewer’ one day.

Whatever happened to Free TV?


How Shepard Fairey elected Barack Obama


ok, I know lots of people voted for Obama, but when some peoples support means a lot more than others. Shepard Fairey’s image of ‘Hope’ made Barack Obama iconic. Fairey best  known for his ‘Obey’ series made the switch to a positive message. I can’t help it though, all I see is the Barack image with the OBEY message still.


christmas on mars

From the crazed band the Flaming Lips finally comes the release of Chistmas on Mars, a movie eight years in the making.  Christmas On Mars arrives complete with a lot of imagery and themes that long-term fans of the Oklahoma psychedelicists will recognise from their albums: foetuses, outer space, the march of science, death, and the way, as a track from 2006’s At War With the Mystics put it, “the will always negates defeat”. 

It was a saga for the band to make the low-budget even while band member Steven Drozd was the lead and addicted to herion. At times they were suggestive of a project that was never going to get finished, an idea too far even for a band who have based their career on making the improbable happen. Here was frontman Wayne Coyne gamely building sets from junk in the driveway of his home in a “ghetto-esque” district of Oklahoma City, while his terrifying neighbours looked menacingly on. A film with a look similar to American Astronaut it shows a future that feels like a working class diner with a bunch of bitter drunks. (American Astronaut makers also have a new film coming out Stingray Sam.)

It would be a shame to think that all that exertion just went into making a shonky film that no one but Flaming Lips diehards would be interested in seeing. As it turns out, their efforts weren’t entirely in vain. If they hadn’t made Christmas On Mars, they wouldn’t have recorded the soundtrack, and the soundtrack is fantastic.

Although not a film with a strong narrative to follow it has some tripped out shots and interesting music that create a strange world. 

watch the whole movie at

You can feel the spirit move you and watch it in a double header with a Junkie’s Christmas with William S. Burroughs.



Big 3 Bailout


I don’t have a failing company so I guess I’ll make this bullshit go over easier with some Bailout Bitter. 

(good thing it comes in 1L bottles)

Need a new job? Now excepting franchising options for “Credit Crunch Corners”. (thanks kbr!)


giving to the poor



nice work by above with this street art. watch the video for people’s reaction, plus it comes with nice beats.

he is also selling the print above and 100% goes to homeless shelters 

PRINT INFO: In a concept similar to “Robin Hood” I am taking an active role in helping those less fortunate. I am selling the “GIVING TO THE POOR” print at an affordable cost hoping to get as many people involved in this benevolent project as possible. 100% of ALL PROFITS will be donated to both these Homeless shelters. I have carefully selected these Homeless shelters because of each of their long-standing active role in the Homeless community. Each respective Homeless shelter stands out because they accept and strive to help those without a home get assistance regardless of RELIGION, RACE, POLITICS or SEXUAL PREFERENCE. Learn more about each of their specific Missions and Values here. E.C.S. SHELTER ( and C.H.-CENTER (


canada got prorogued

Definition of the prefix “Pro-” 

  1. [adverb] on the affirmative side
  2. [noun] an athlete (politician?-mm) who plays for pay
  3. [noun] an argument in favor of a proposal
  4. [adjective] in favor of (an action or proposal etc.); “a pro vote”

Definition of “rogue”

A French word, which in that language signifies proud, arrogant. In
  some of the ancient English statutes it means an idle, sturdy beggar, which
  is its meaning in law. Rogues are usually punished as vagrants. Although the
  word rogue is a word of reproach, yet to charge one as a rogue is not
A deliberately dishonest person; a knave; a cheat.
        [1913 Webster]

So a pro-rogue is ? an arrogant person who is deliberately dishonest and argues in favor of handouts for the idle?

because it certainly doesn’t hold its Latin meaning:

Latin prorogare, literally: to ask publicly

 Canada is not a Republic. It is a monarchy. Our head of state is Queen Elizabeth.

What you thought we have her on the money because she looks good???

 Apparently, no constitutional monarchy in the entire world has ever allowed a prorogue to fend off a vote of non-confidence or to discourage the formation of a coalition government. 

So who in history has used the power of prorogue to retain power?

1629     King Charles I          England

1799     Napoleon                   France

1913     Victoriano Huerta   Mexico

1933    Adolf Hitler                Germany

1936    Francisco Franco     Spain

1939    Benito Mussolini      Itlay

1973    Augusto Pinochet     Chile

2008   Stephan Harper        Canada

Still think Canada is a great liberal democracy? just wait…


future capitalist dreams


June 2020

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