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Jarring Effects


Roll on over to French label Jarring Effects and pick up their new free mix JFX3. This label is responsible for 10 years of  inspiring and experimental music in France with their Riddim Collision festival, with the likes of Scorn, Mike Ladd, High Tone, μ-ziq, Amon Tobin, Young Gods, Plaid, Fingathing, and The Bug. Plus they are the European distro for Filastine, so all in all, good company. Dubstep, bass shakers, freak outs, drones, and breaks, this label has a few dozen artists from around the world pushing the boundaries of new music.


Ghislain Poirier the King of Bounce

Mangnen l’boulé – Ghislain Poirier feat.: Nik Myo & Patricia Chiarle.

New video from Ghislain Poirier from the No Ground Under album out on Ninja Tune.

Montreal musical inventor Ghislain Poirier goes from hip hop to pop to noise to dub. He has also been known to rock it in the streets, and tracks like Diaspora are ready for revolution. There are a couple of hours of free mixes at his site.


Filastine to drop Dirty Bomb early 2009


Grey Filastine is a nomandic revolutionary hailing from Seattle and now based in Barcelona, but rarely found there. Infamous for his ongoing assault in the war for the hearts and minds of people everywhere, including his past projects Tchkung! and Infernal Noise Brigade. A true inspiration he travels the world collecting sound and recording deeply touching music and then remixing into one subversive siren. He takes his sound  everywhere, playing over 60+ gigs last year you might have caught him at a dubstep party in Vancouver, or a junk raft floating down the Mississippi , at anti G-8 demonstrations in Tokyo, or in front of forty thousand at the Boulevards festival in Casablanca. In any context it gets riotous- Filastine bangs out his music, jumping between a tangle of electronics, acoustic percussion, and an amplified shopping cart, firing off riddims and synchronized live video.


In 2006 Filastine dropped his debut release, Burn It, to much critical acclaim. Vibrant and original, Burn It made inroads among music fans from the hiphop, world, electronic, and experimental scenes; it was snatched up and re-released by French label Jarring Effects, Japanese label Romz, and US anarcho-collective Crimethinc. Tracks from the album received airplay on the radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbes & John Peel, and in France peaked at #15 in national independent radio charts. Less visible are the spins on pirate stations across Latin America, or the more than fifty thousand downloads of his dj mix commissioned by

With his sophmore album, Dirty Bomb, Filastine returns with a gritty transnational soundclash of urban rhythm. Freely splicing dubstep with balkan brass or hiphop with bollywood, Dirty Bomb parties in the mud puddle of our increasingly polluted world. Kick drums beat out rapid patterns for dances yet to be invented. Rich acoustic strings merge with programmed synths. Bits of field recordings and radio static degrade the signal. Each featured voice is sourced from an on-site collaboration. Over the contorted crunk of “Hungry Ghosts” rap aboriginal Australian Wire mc and Japan’s ECD, underground rap icons of their respective countries. Closing the albums is teen gypsy La Perla, recorded in a squatted cave in Andalusia.

Listen to the unreleased Dirty Bomb megamix on his murdochspace.

Hungry Ghosts can be heard on the new DJ / Rupture mix Uproot.

Pitchfork has the track Fitnah online.

He starts off his CD release in Australia, January 2009 with UberLingua and there you can find the tracks B’talla featuring Rabah and Dialectic Episode # 69 .

Here is clip from a live show in the summer of 2008. Opens with footage from ‘Lessons from Darkness’.





(adj) Inebreiated. Intoxicated. Drunk.
to put a spanner (wrench) in the gears
“Christ, I was fucking spannered last night, how many did I have?”

Launched in December 2006, Spannered is the combined mutation of Musicalbear and Overload Media. Both have now packed up shop, but they’ve compiled the very best of their archives, under one roof, along with a stack of freshly Spannered features, interviews and audiovisual content. 

Spannered isn’t about making ourselves a pot of cash; it’s about raising the profile of music, art, film and literature that exists outside of the mainstream bubble; it’s about offering a platform to writers, and spreading a little mp3 love.

Check out the radio section for tons of hours of mp3 mixs. Filastine, Kode9, dub, noise, hip hop, reggae, 8-bit, electronica, even some comedy.


the bug _ london zoo

In Gibson’s Neuromancer, when Case & Molly meet the two surviving founders of Zion, there is talk of hearing a “mighty dub” in the Babel of tongues signaling the “final days”. If indeed we’re living in these ‘end times’, as many predict, then there can be no more of an appropriate soundtrack for the coming apocalypse than The Bug‘s “London Zoo”.

the bug _ london zoo torrent

grab another new track ‘flying’ here



Filastine is a global trouble maker in the best possible way. No shows in my neck of woods anytime soon, but he has a new album to be released Jan 2009.  I like his live mix of drums, samples, video, politics, and even dance at times. It is an inspiring mix of freedom and revolution. 

check his site for a few free tracks and mixes.


Mutamassik: “That Which Death Cannot Destroy”

Mutamassik, which means stronghold/ tenacity in arabic, is a producer and dj making what describes as Sa’aidi Hardcore & Baladi Breakbeats: Egyptian & Afro-oriental Roots mixed with the head-nod of hip-hop & the bass and syncopation of hardstep. 

Her new work,“That Which Death Cannot Destroy”,  co-produced with her husband Morgan Craft is produced, performed, engineered entirely by mutamassik, and is soon to be released on their label rough americana.

More stripped down and with more noise this album still sounds like the front lines.

morgan craft and mutamassik have their second ‘rough americana’ record due called ‘r.a. due: metallum gravis’

Listen to the tracks at their site.

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