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Repurposing at Foulab

Here is a short mini-doc about Foulab in Montreal. Makes me think of NYC Resistor and Free Geek.


The Grouch “Artsy”

I guess I’m not artsy enough to have been on this upon release, but I just saw this video by Secret History for ‘The Grouch’. Makes me want to learn greenscreen techniques.


DubFX ‘Step on my Trip’

ok…long time no post, I’ve been on the road. Western Canada and Japan. more ideas and updates to roll in now that I’m back in Vancouver.

here is DubFX buskin’ on the street of London. Nice one.


Beat Nation- Hip Hop as Indigenous Culture


Within the generations of First Nations artists is a gap between established artists using traditional and contemporary imagery and younger artists influenced by hip hop culture. Rap, graffiti and comics have fuelled a new generation of artists who collide youth culture with aboriginal identity in ways that are startling and new. This project reflects the growing influence of urban cultures on traditional communities.

The exhibition (Ottawa) and its accompanying website (launch April 21) focus on the music, art and culture coming out of these communities – a fusion between the traditional and the postmodern. The website documents the development of Beat Nation over the last dozen years, and focuses on the artists, media producers and musicians who have brought this work to the forefront.

Curators: Tania Willard, Skeena Reece 
Artists: Sonny Assu, Kevin Barton, Corey Bulpitt, Andrew Dexel, Nicholas Galanin, Larissa Healey, Jackson 2bears, Tania Tagaq and many others

The exhibition is organized and circulated by Vancouver’s grunt gallery and presented by SAW Gallery and BC Scene.


tangible visual sound manipulation tools

There are more and more inspiring new tools for music creation and sound manipulation being made and they are getting more affordable. Gone are the days of organs that take up whole rooms, and synths have come along way since 1876. Electronic music really took off in the ’80s as company like Yamaha made affordable compact gear, but that was still based on a keyboard.

Now we are entering the age when music can be created and tweeked live visually.  I was blown away years ago when I first saw the AudioPad  by James Pattern

Here is a video of another similar design called the Reactable.

Wavetables have come along since Wolfgang Palm.

Yamaha also has a fun new toy called the Tenori-On. Sort of a visual sequencer. Which sells for about $1000 USD. 

These won’t be showing up on craigslist anytime soon, so better start saving your empties.


Paris: Don’t Stop the Movement

Paris, the Black Panther of Hip Hop puts another stick in the all-seeing-eye of the mofo capitalists.

Not only Paris does he writes and produces songs, but also publishes information about how to help the black community grow. One example of this is his article about how to manage your personal money. He explains about how you can build a better future for yourself and your children by handling your money more consciously in 5 steps and a final re-investment step.

Practical AND Revolutionary. 

The People United Will Never Be Defeated!!!!


Asian Dub Foundation & the Music of Resistance


The Asian Dub Foundation are taking a well earned break before they continue to liberate the world, next to South America for shows in Colombia and Mexico followed by some dates in Russia. 2008 has been one of the busiest yet for the band with the worldwide release of new album ‘Punkara’ and a massive European tour that kept them on the road for nearly three months. Big respect to all that have supported on their travels!
The video for Burning Fence from Punkara cries out wisdom from the streets!
“Climb on board the mothership revolution,
the true universal is the one solution,
or else you’ll sit on a burning fence,
don’t matter what your for or what your against.
Who is going to be next to rise up?”

and  Chadrasonic from Asian Dub Foundation presents….
A  six-part documentary series which tells the stories of musicians who fight repression and sing about injustices.The series begins this week for a total of 13 weeks with the first episode featuring Asian Dub Foundation now showing on Al Jazeera TV  and available on YOUTUBE.
 EPISODE 1) Asian Dub Foundation
         2) Tinariwen
         3) Seun Kuti
         4) Massoukos
         5) Chullage
         6) Afro Reggae
 For times and schedule:

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