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What would it look like?


Paris: Don’t Stop the Movement

Paris, the Black Panther of Hip Hop puts another stick in the all-seeing-eye of the mofo capitalists.

Not only Paris does he writes and produces songs, but also publishes information about how to help the black community grow. One example of this is his article about how to manage your personal money. He explains about how you can build a better future for yourself and your children by handling your money more consciously in 5 steps and a final re-investment step.

Practical AND Revolutionary. 

The People United Will Never Be Defeated!!!!


The Yes Men Fix The World

The Yes Men have a history of critical subversion.

“Mike” and “Andy” both solo and together have made me laugh out loud. The Barbie Liberation Organization, the SimCopter hack, RTMark, and of course the history of “Identity Correction”; Impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them. Targets are leaders and big corporations who put profits ahead of everything else. 

This 2009 film documents some of their operations in the last few years. Like as seen here in Calgary in 2007, when they appeared as representatives of the (U.S.) National Petroleum Council and ExxonMobil at the GO-Expo (a massive petroleum industry event). Much hilarity ensued.


I’m not a fan of the giant inflated outfits, but the impersonations they pull off are incredible. 


Dining with Terrorists

Al Jazeera has a six part series Dining with Terrorists.

Since the events of September 11 the word “terrorism” has acquired a new political dynamic.

Wars are waged and many lives have been lost in the name of combatting “terror”, strict legislation has been passed to prevent acts of “terrorism”.

It is a definition that is highly subjective and what constitutes a “terrorist” depends on where you live and what you believe in.

In a new six part series the author and journalist Phil Rees travelled to South Asia, the Middle East and the Americas to explore the debate and meaning of the word “terrorism”.


Asian Dub Foundation & the Music of Resistance


The Asian Dub Foundation are taking a well earned break before they continue to liberate the world, next to South America for shows in Colombia and Mexico followed by some dates in Russia. 2008 has been one of the busiest yet for the band with the worldwide release of new album ‘Punkara’ and a massive European tour that kept them on the road for nearly three months. Big respect to all that have supported on their travels!
The video for Burning Fence from Punkara cries out wisdom from the streets!
“Climb on board the mothership revolution,
the true universal is the one solution,
or else you’ll sit on a burning fence,
don’t matter what your for or what your against.
Who is going to be next to rise up?”

and  Chadrasonic from Asian Dub Foundation presents….
A  six-part documentary series which tells the stories of musicians who fight repression and sing about injustices.The series begins this week for a total of 13 weeks with the first episode featuring Asian Dub Foundation now showing on Al Jazeera TV  and available on YOUTUBE.
 EPISODE 1) Asian Dub Foundation
         2) Tinariwen
         3) Seun Kuti
         4) Massoukos
         5) Chullage
         6) Afro Reggae
 For times and schedule:

Manu Chao – Politik Kills


The French/Spanish Manu Chao  brings tunes to make you dance and rise up! It’s like sunshine and molotovs, with a giant dub van cruisin’ at a demo. He is living proof that you don’t have to be big in the U.S. to be one of the world’s most important and influential musicians, and La Radiolina has lots more great songs for the revolution. 

He has also posted the parts for the song to be remixed at his site Politik Kills.



Who is behind the series called Blackjack  at the

It shows London, NYC, Toronto, Mexico City, LA, and Portland all being nuked. Then a New World Order responding with nukes? to Syria, Iran, and China, and a global police lock down rounding up ‘dissidents’. 

Does the Telegraph think this is good cultural content? Is it modern viral marketing in bad taste like the VW Polo car ad just making hype for a movie release? Is it a psyops by an intell agency designed to disturb, nothing more, or conditioning? 

According to the Infowars crew the Telegraph hasn’t clarified who made them or why they are continuing to appear after many complaints.

Well, in the card game Blackjack highest possible hand is a “blackjack” meaning an initial two-card total of 21 (an ace and a ten-value card, as ace are 1 or 11). At 22  the game is ‘busted’.

The source ‘presentations’ have no sound, but here are the quick views with tunes.


In Blackjack Part 3 it becomes more graphic novel style and less power point presentation.


How Shepard Fairey elected Barack Obama


ok, I know lots of people voted for Obama, but when some peoples support means a lot more than others. Shepard Fairey’s image of ‘Hope’ made Barack Obama iconic. Fairey best  known for his ‘Obey’ series made the switch to a positive message. I can’t help it though, all I see is the Barack image with the OBEY message still.


Entropa – David Černý strikes against EU!




Entropa portrays Bulgaria as a toilet, Romania as a Dracula theme-park and France as a country on strike.

The Czech Republic, which holds the EU presidency, thought it had commissioned work from 27 European artists.

But it turned out to have been entirely completed by Czech artist David Cerny and two associates.

The eight-tonne mosaic is held together by snap-out plastic parts similar to those used in modelling kits.

The Netherlands is shown as series of minarets submerged by a flood – a possible reference to the nation’s simmering religious tensions.

Germany is shown as a network of motorways vaguely resembling a swastika, while the UK – criticised by some for being one of EU’s most eurosceptic members – is absent from Europe altogether.

Raised eyebrows

The 16-square-metre (172-square-foot) work was installed at the weekend to mark the start of the six-month Czech presidency of the EU.

There has already been an angry reaction to the piece from Bulgaria, which has summoned the Czech ambassador to Sofia to explain.

The three artists responsible for Entropa were led by David Cerny who, says the BBC’s Rob Cameron in Prague, is the enfant terrible of the Czech art world.

A close-up of the Entropa installation which shows Bulgaria as a basic toilet, Brussels, Belgium, 13 January 2009

When his government commissioned him to create the installation, several eyebrows were raised, and they were not raised in vain, our correspondent adds.

Czech Deputy Prime Minister Alexandr Vondra said he was only informed on Monday that the installation was not the work of 27 European artists, but David Cerny and two colleagues.

Mr Vondra condemned Mr Cerny and said the Czech EU presidency was considering what steps to take before Thursday’s official launch.

“An agreement of the office of the government with the artist clearly stated that this will be a common work of artists from 27 EU states,” he said.

“The full responsibility for violating this assignment and this promise lies with David Cerny.”

Mr Cerny, who presented Entropa to his government with a brochure describing each of the artwork’s 27 supposed contributors from each member state, has apologised for misleading ministers, but not for the installation itself.

“We knew the truth would come out,” said Mr Cerny. “But before that we wanted to find out if Europe is able to laugh at itself.”

He added that Entropa “lampoons the socially activist art that balances on the verge between would-be controversial attacks on national character and undisturbing decoration of an official space”.

Mr Cerny first created a splash in the early 1991 when he painted a Soviet tank, a Second World War memorial in a Prague square, bright pink. His act of civil disobedience was considered “hooliganism” and he was briefly arrested.



2008 Mad Scientist Future Technology Seminar


Last August, the U.S. Army held a three-day conference in Portsmouth, Virginia, to look at new developments in military science and hardware. The confab was called the “2008 Mad Scientist Future Technology Seminar.” Really. It was.


Presentations covered the following areas:

       Seminar Overview (Bushnell, NASA-Langley)

       Robotics (Jones, iRobot Corporation)

       Human Life Extension (Coles, Gerontology Research Group)

       Quantum Technology (Dowling, Louisiana State University)

       Molecular Manufacturing (Jacobstein, Teknowledge)

       Machine Intelligence (Yudkowsky, Singularity Institute)

       Global Sensor Grid (Orcutt, University of California – San Diego)

       Synthetic Biology (Weiss, Princeton University,

       Virtual Reality (Peterson, The Strategy Augmentation Group)

       Beyond Silicon Computing (Mazumder, National Science Foundation)

       Nano Materials (Sulcoski, National Ground Intelligence Center)

       Alternative Energy (Bushnell, NASA Langley Research Center)

       Brain/Neurologics (Braunreiter, SAIC)

       Emerging Individual Empowerment (Petersen, The Arlington Group)

       Superempowered Individuals (Smart, Acceleration Studies Foundation)

 The Mad Scientist group sees more than just a world of danger in the 2030s. “Most likely results include an increased life span, a solution to the energy crisis, ready availability of food and fresh water to all, a global distribution of technology, education, economics, and — therefore — wealth.  This will reduce the tension between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ while the capabilities of robotics and access to virtual reality to both care for and entertain will create the perception of well-being almost universally around the globe.  Advancements are limited only by imagination and resources.”

Download the doc for a read. The list of participants are a strange bunch complete with Christian Right mad scientists. Hmmm, what are they working on….

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