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now this war has two sides

today is the us election and no matter who wins we will still face the same problems tomorrow. a superclass ruling for its own benefit that is degrading the earth into an unlivable place. compact fluorescent won’t save us. so how shall we live our lives? what is outside the dominant culture?


Derrick Jensen is a writer and activist whose work Endgame questions the ability of our planet to ever be sustainable under capitalist civilization. Hopefully your too busy defending the earth to read the epic two volume work, so here is a collection of audio from talks he has given that outlines the argument.

Now This War Has Two Sides_2 CD (torrent)


Back TUVA Future : Ondar


Filmmaker Ralph Leighton says, “This was the highlight of my recent trip to Vladivostok, Russia, where the 1999 film GENGHIS BLUES won the Governor’s Prize at the Pacific Meridian Film Festival. It features Tuvan throat-singer ONDAR and the voice of Richard Feynman.

when I watched Gengis Blues (torrent) years ago it made me laugh, it made my cry, it put Tuva on the map. I was thrilled to see Huun Huur Tu on tour and love the horse gallup tempo.


ndn frontlines


The Native American voting block in USA swing states like Arizona and New Mexico can be crucial.

but what happens when Native Americans want to opt out of the USA altogether?

so it is no surprise that the US election debates never even mentions that ‘native americans’ exist. same thing went for the recent canadian election. I guess debating against the illegitimacy of a government’s sovereignty isn’t a vote winner. 

here is an early report from Frontline USA with Avi Lewis (now Inside USA), which airs on Al Jazeera, this episode covers the Lakota Sioux, the Western Shoshone, and the Navajo. It has an Interview with Russeal Means regarding the Republic of Lakotah. Debate between the Navajo regarding new coal power plants. And a prayer against the Yucca Mountain toxic waste dump. 

Frontline USA: Politics of Native Americans (Al-Jazeera) 2008 (torrent)

and if you haven’t seen it, watch Kahnesatake : 270 Years of Resistance (torrent)


Battle in Seattle -the movie


many of you were there. i was cheering from switzerland. J18 still fresh in my heart. things were looking up.

of course there is a mainstream movie version of events, Battle in Seattle, now newspeaking its way as ‘history’. again Vancouver was the stand in city backdrop for the revolution while being filmed. 

first (re)watch Breaking the Spell (torrent) put out by CrimethInk. a film made by people who were there…and released in 1999.

then grab Battle in Seattle (torrent) over at ( with its nice black flag )


the bug _ london zoo

In Gibson’s Neuromancer, when Case & Molly meet the two surviving founders of Zion, there is talk of hearing a “mighty dub” in the Babel of tongues signaling the “final days”. If indeed we’re living in these ‘end times’, as many predict, then there can be no more of an appropriate soundtrack for the coming apocalypse than The Bug‘s “London Zoo”.

the bug _ london zoo torrent

grab another new track ‘flying’ here


the weather undergound

“Memory is a motherfucker,” begins 1960s-era political activist and Weather Underground member Bill Ayers in his 2001 book Fugitive Days. Which is a good read just a story, the fact that it is true makes it all the better. Similar to Ann Hansen’s Direct Action: Memoirs of an Urban Guerrilla, but shorter and with more of a novel feel. 

So as long as the republicans keep trying to slander Obama as a terrorist by association becuase he knows Bill Ayers, now is a good time to revisit that bit of history.

I didn’t care for Obama before, but now he has a little cred. 

jump on the torrent here to watch the 2002 doc, The Weather Underground.


Fierce Light

Velcro Ripper (yes, his real name) is back with a new documentary called Fierce Light. 

FIERCE LIGHT: When Spirit Meets Actiontakes us deep into the heart of the exciting movement of compassionate activism that is exploding around the planet.  
In these times of raging wars and environmental collapse, people everywhere are wondering,”is change possible?”   Sparked by what Gandhi called “soul force,” and Martin Luther King called “love in action,” millions are discovering the power of taking positive, peaceful action that comes from the heart, driven by the understanding that we’re all in this together. FIERCE LIGHT beautifully captures this inspiring zeitgeist, which is being called the largest global movement in history.
Velcro is a great guy and I loved his last film Scared Sacred (torrent). Fierce Light is just starting the film festival circuit so watch for it this fall. Hopefully a dvd will be available soon so more people can watch it as the mainstream are unlikely to pick this up for distribution. In the meantime check out his past films Bones in the Forest, Scared Sacred, or listen to this recent interview on the Tyee podcast.
To move forward and survive in a positive future, not just some dystopian post-apocalypse, we will have to do the difficult work, and integrate the sacred into activism. The time for the spiritual rebel is now.

June 2020

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